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THE sword made for the filming will be auctioned off at a future date, it is NOT currently for sale.

October 10th 2012


"Secrets of the the Viking Sword" Documentary

In the Summer and Fall of 2011 I had the pleasure to be involved in the production of a TV documentary program focussed on the Viking Sword.

The program was produced for NOVA though the work of National Geographic and Pangloss Films ( In October of 2011 Pangloss Films came to my shop and documented the making of a special sword based on the research of Dr. Alan William's of "The Wallace Collection" in London ( Several years ago Dr. William's began a study of Ulfberht inlayed sword blades and discovered that the blade which carried a signature of a certain type appeared to have no slag. His work can be seen in several articles and his new book "The Sword and the Crucible" ISBN 9789004227835. I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks with Dr. Alan Williams in North India back in 2007 and can tell you he is an extremely insightful archeo-metallurgist.

The program will discuss the importance of Dr. Williams' find, a particular blade housed at the National Museum of Denmark ( as well as illustrate the manufacture and larger context of these cultural artifacts (My bit).

We did the work in a charcoal forge with leather bellows on a stake anvil....more or less. Some of the smelting processes of manufacture are based on the research of Dr. Ann Feuerbach , currently at Hofstra University, and I await her book on the subject which she is currently authoring.

For my part I enlisted a bellows and hammer man in the form of Kevin Cashen of Matherton Forge in Michigan ( Kevin and I have been friends for many years and in addition to being a deep well regarding European blades and a talented craftsman...I simply enjoy him being around. 

Kevin was a huge help to me for the film shoot as it is always a good thing to have someone around with his skills and depth of knowledge, but he preferred to be a bit more off camera than on. Thank you Kevin!

Following the filming Kevin and I went to Arms and Armor in Minneapolis ( ) and saw Chris Poor and Craig Jonson and were given a very good tour and handling session of the Oakeshott Collection.

In this project I was part of a greater whole and I believe this may be a defining watershed for the public to see what is possible by modern smiths.

Peter Yost of Pangloss Films has produced may award winning features for TV and I look forward to seeing this program he has crafted.

As to the sword I made?

You will have to wait till the premier October 10th to see it. I will say it is the first of its kind in 1,000 years.

More photos of the reproduction +ULFBERH+T here


Richard Furrer


A similar sword made by the same methods is $7,500 for the blade.  Fittings are in addition to that cost.

Contact me for details.